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Breast surgery​

The breast surgery you want, at a price you’ll love.

Our award-winning clinic in Central London is open for consultations.
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What do you need to feel your best?

Find the perfect procedure that will give you the body you’ve
always wanted. Here are your options.

Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation

plus implants

Enhance the size and shape of your breasts to get the body you love. This procedure uses the perfect implants to give you the best results.


The procedure enhances and rejuvenates the breast contour. It empowers you with a renewed sense of body confidence.


Breast reduction
Embrace comfort and relief, once and for all. This procedure helps reduce the size and weight of your breasts, and gives you the proportions you’ve always wanted.



plus implants | implant exchange

Renew your confidence by giving your breasts a firm, lifted appearance. This procedure reverses sagging, corrects your proportions and removes excess skin.


Nipple reduction
Get a boost in confidence from achieving desired nipple proportions. This procedure provides a tailored and harmonious balance to the overall breast appearance.


Uplift with implants
Uplift with implants
This offers a personalised aesthetic that aligns with your body preferences. The combined approach restores the breast shape and perkiness, while customising the size and contour.


The Sunion Health difference

We’re an award-winning cosmetic surgery, and it shows in our approach to your care.

Care from the first consultation​
Care from the first consultation

We work to keep you comfortable, well-prepared, and well-informed, right from your very first visit.

Highly skilled professional
Highly skilled professional

We have only the most experienced surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses on our team, ensuring exceptional care during your procedure.

Committed to after-care
Committed to after-care

We take post-op support seriously, with access to all the follow-up consultations and support you need.

A great track record
A great track record

We have successfully carried out over 10,000 procedures till date, with satisfied clients vouching for the quality of care we offer.

Centrally located
Centrally located

Our clinic and procedure suite are in the heart of London, making it easy for you to visit. We have three stations nearby and are well-connected via public transport.

Competitively priced
Competitively priced

We are reasonably priced and offer attractive financing options, with no compromise on the quality of care.

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