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Complaints Policy

Last Updated: 25th January 2024

At Sunion Health Ltd, we value your feedback and are committed to providing excellent service. If you have a complaint, we encourage you to bring it to our attention promptly. This policy outlines the process for submitting and resolving complaints.

  1. Purpose
    This Complaints Policy aims to:

    • Provide a clear process for raising and addressing complaints.
    • Ensure complaints are handled promptly, fairly, and confidentially.
    • Improve our services based on valuable feedback.

  2. How to Submit a Complaint
    If you have a complaint, please follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Contact the relevant staff member or department involved to discuss your concerns.
    • Step 2: If your concerns are not resolved, you may submit a formal written complaint.

  3. Submitting a Formal Complaint
    Please address your formal complaint in writing to:

    0203 475 7881

    Ensure to include the following details:

    • Your name and contact information.
    • A detailed description of the complaint, including relevant dates and names of
      individuals involved.
    • Any supporting documents or evidence.

  4. Complaints Handling Process
    Upon receiving a formal complaint:

    • We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 14 working days.
    • A designated Complaints Officer will investigate your complaint impartially and thoroughly.
    • We aim to provide a written response within 14 working days of acknowledging your complaint.

  5. Escalation
    If you are dissatisfied with the initial response, you may request a review. Your complaint will be escalated to a senior manager or an independent third party for further investigation.

  6. Confidentiality
    All information related to your complaint will be treated confidentially. Only individuals directly involved in the investigation will have access to the information.

  7. Continuous Improvement
    We are committed to learning from complaints to improve our services. Feedback from complaints will be analysed, and appropriate actions will be taken to prevent similar issues in the future.

  8. Monitoring and Review
    This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with applicable regulations.

  9. Contact Information
    If you have questions about this Complaints Policy or need assistance, please contact:

    0203 475 7881

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