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Liposuction & Body contouring

Liposuction and body contouring

For a body that turns heads.

Achieve dream proportions that draw admiration, wherever you go. With focussed lifting, toning and sculpting procedures, that perfect body is not too far away.

Brazilian Butt Lift: £ 7995 | Arm lift: £ 5995 | Thigh lift: £ 6995

What is liposuction?

Also known as: Lipo | Body contouring | Body sculpting


Gain unmatched confidence with problem areas becoming a thing of the past! This procedure targets specific areas like arms, hips, thighs, back, chest or neck, to remove excess fat – creating that lithe, sculpted look that even hours in the gym may not give you.


The procedure involves an expert surgeon injecting a solution into the targeted area to break down your fat cells, and then removing it through a suction tube. Liposuction is usually done in conjunction with abdominoplasty or various lifts for best results.

Body contouring and lifts

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL): This procedure corrects ptosis (sagging) of the buttocks to give you that coveted ‘bubble butt’. It involves removing fat from other areas of your body through liposuction, and transferring it to your buttocks to shape it into that desirable, voluptuous look.


Arm Lift (Brachioplasty): Tired of that stubborn arm flab that just won’t go away? This procedure tackles that issue. It involves making an incision on your upper arms to remove excess fat through liposuction and tighten up any loose skin to give you that firm, toned look.


Thigh Lift: Achieve an aesthetic thigh silhouette through this procedure. It eliminates excess skin and reshapes the area to give you a sleek and muscular contour. Paired with liposuction, it can help remove that excess fat that you’ve always wanted to get rid of.

Liposuction: What do you need to keep in mind?

  • A maximum of 3-4 litres of fat can safely be removed through liposuction in one go.
  • If you are looking to remove a greater volume of fat, the procedure will be split over multiple sessions across weeks to avoid complications.
  • With various liposuction techniques available, our cosmetic surgeons can help you determine which method would be best suited for your target area and fat storage.
  • Like any surgical procedure, this leaves scars in the areas of operation. The scars will be about a quarter of an inch, and will fade greatly over time.
  • You may temporarily lose sensation in the area of surgery during the recovery period. This is perfectly normal.
  • You will need to wear a post-operative garment for at least 6 weeks to prevent swelling of the area and help define your body.
  • The procedure is suitable for men too – especially to help get rid of the excess fat that accumulates in the abdominal area.

Why opt for liposuction or body contouring?

  • It boosts your confidence by making that desired physique easily attainable.
  • It reduces stubborn fat in ways that even regular exercise and diet cannot.
  • It is an extremely safe method of fat reduction as it involves precise surgical methods.
  • It stimulates collagen production and gives you a perfectly proportionate silhouette.

How long do the results last?

As the liposuction procedure involves the removal of accumulated fat cells, the results will last you an extremely long time, given that you maintain your weight. Only external factors, such as pregnancy or sudden weight gain, can undo the results attained through liposuction.

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